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30 Hour Endurance VTOL Drones in South Africa – Alti Interview

30 Hour Endurance VTOL Drones in South Africa – Alti Interview

The Guinn Partners team just had an awesome trip down to South Africa to visit with Alti UAS. Not only did we get to witness, first hand, the second most dangerous ocean inlet on the planet, but we also got to see Alti’s impressive fleet of endurance VTOL drones!

Alti is a market leader in the endurance VTOL market with a fleet of three different sized fixed wing, runway independent, aircraft that share a common GCS. They range from 6-30 hours of flight time, depending on platform and payload, and they share market specific workflows across the fleet. As we enter a world where the capabilities of satellites, planes, UAS and sUAS have more and more overlap, it’s impressive to see what the Alti team has done with their systems in both the sUAS class, as well super long endurance larger aircraft as well (6 meter wingspan VTOL)!
Alti has deployed approx 50 of these aircraft to dozens of satisfied customers worldwide in Mining, Energy, and Government. In this video, I speak with Duran De Villiers, and he walks us through their platforms and the company’s vision… I was super impressed, and I think you will be too!

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