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Chlorophyll Water Shopify Optimization

Chlorophyll Water Shopify Optimization

  • Ecommerce optimization for a consumer packaged goods (CPG) wellness brand

Our team worked with healthy beverage brand Chlorophyll Water on Shopify optimization

Our office environment is very forward-thinking when it comes to wellness experimentation.  Since we work with so many transformative tech and health-related products, we attract a certain type of health-conscious, open-minded person to work at Guinn Partners.  Multiple team members have included chlorophyll as part of a regular routine for several years, either with drops added to water or supplements included in wellness regimens, which made us even more excited when Brooklyn-based Chlorophyll Water reached out for a new project.  We were already convinced of the benefits of chlorophyll, but something about applying drops just seemed too inconvenient and didn’t provide the optimal experience. Chlorophyll is rapidly becoming the next health trend and in order to reach its peak, it requires a more convenient way to be consumed.

Most of us know chlorophyll from science class as the pigment that gives plants their green color – chlorophyll and sunlight are the primary sources of plant nutrients. Here is a quick recap of chlorophyll’s benefits to humans – overall health improvement, boosted energy, increased immunity to fight illnesses, and an effective supplement to an anti-aging regimen.  One of the main reasons wheatgrass was so popular in previous years was how rich it is in chlorophyll. Like most humans, we’re not big wheatgrass fans, and the refreshing taste of Chlorophyll Water is a welcome way to ingest the same benefits.

On to the project.

Shopify is the most commonly used ecommerce platform here at Guinn Partners. We sometimes start web projects from scratch, but more often we’re taking an existing Shopify experience and optimizing it for conversion, search, or maximum flexibility for the team that maintains it.

Our recent project with Chlorophyll Water was a little bit of everything.  Due to the nature of most Shopify themes and the overall Shopify infrastructure, if you want to build a beautiful site you typically have to custom-code all pages but the home page, and use extensive Liquid (Shopify’s code language) to achieve desired “premium” looks.  This is a tedious and expensive process, and it does have a downside. Once a development team completes the hard-coded design in Shopify and hands off the project, even the most minor changes become impossible to make for most small business teams.

For Chlorophyll Water, we had three priorities:

Optimize the site for conversion, both for purchase and for email signup.  Our team integrated chat support via Drift, popup support via the team’s email provider, buy buttons, and social sharing.

Optimize the site for search – Lots of secret sauce ?

Make the site editable by normal users – The original site had a beautiful design, but we remade the entire thing and took the design up a level, all while integrating a complete visual editor experience so that any team member on our side or the brand’s side could be comfortable making changes, versus spending expensive development dollars and having time-consuming development cycles. This is especially important in the younger stages of any brand, as many items change during testing, optimization, and brand refinement. New brands are living, breathing creatures that often need to change or be updated daily. Optimizing a website to allow for quick and easy updates can make all the difference in how fast a company is able to find product-market fit.

Our next steps as clients gain volume are usually post-purchase flow improvements – integration of upsell, reviews, and evangelism technology to ensure the most is being made of every transaction. In the first stages, we prioritize brand and experience.  Capturing users and building an affinity for the brand is far more important as brands begin to gain critical mass.

As we help in the launch of Chlorophyll Water, we are excited to have an influx of site visitors and to make the benefits of drinking Chlorophyll Water available to all!

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