How We Engage

Over time, we’ve refined a series of approaches to projects that help us maximize value for clients.  Guinn Partners offers our core engagements focused on executing a significant task, along with workshops, ala-carte project services, ongoing advisory services, and our Flex Team engagements where we function as an outsourced sales and/or marketing arm for engineering focused teams.

Core Assessments

We generally start with clients on a short-term project so you get to know how we work, and vice versa. These are often focused on a key short-term objectives such as developing go-to-market plans, finalizing product feature-sets, validating product-market fit, helping articulate a story to raise money, building industry and venture connections, developing sales plans, generating leads, setting up CRMs and systems, or other key items as needed. We agree on concrete deliverables, work together to solve multi-disciplinary problems facing your business, and think through follow on areas where clients might need more help after the engagement is over.


One day focused sessions with clients reviewing pressing needs with them and giving them follow on documentation of the discussion with recommendations and connections. Useful to review business cases, go to market plans and assumptions, technical challenges, fund raising decks, financial models, and strategic sourcing plans. Clients leave with a clearly defined roadmap and plan of action for their company for the next key phase of their business.

Ala Carte Projects

Video production, 3D animation, written content generation, graphic design, product development assistance, operational assessment, lead generation – specific tasks and statements of work in support of client objectives. Our 2018 video production reel is below.

Advisory Services

Services focused on venture and private equity partners looking to invest in drones, robotics, or applied technology and enterprise partners looking to invest/acquire/divest.  These services include vertical and company assessments, due diligence tasks, segment targeting, market reports, Subject Matter Expert (SME) calls, competitive analysis, and custom analysis products.

The Flex Team

Many engineering-focused clients find that after an initial engagement they want to use Guinn Partners to complement their team in a key business function or functions like sales, marketing, content generation, sourcing, or product development. With these clients, we deploy a Flex Team to fill in where they need the experience and expertise that we offer so they can focus on what they do best until they achieve product-market fit. We execute a limited number of these engagements on a case by case basis based on our excitement around the product and the limited availability of our team.  Each are led by a partner to ensure executive-level stewardship.

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