Guinn Partners engages with visionary brands in the electronics, robotics and autonomy spaces with best in class product development services.

What we do

We are an accelerator, consultancy, and product development partner for startups and established brands.

Our Product and Development team has invented several high-tech consumer products in the drone, robotics and outdoor spaces. We understand the importance of UX when it comes to identifying and establishing product-market fit and engage with our clients early in the process to guide them through software design and UX-focused hardware. Our experienced team utilizes our product testing expertise and a unique understanding of consumer, commercial, and military-grade hardware and software and its place in today’s global market to help build top of the line technology for our clients.

Guinn Partners is responsible for developing and launching some of the most successful drones in the world, all of which would not have been possible without our unparalleled network. We understand the value a brand’s network brings to the table when it comes to the success of a product and we have devoted an entire division of our team to expanding and maintaining ours. We guide our clients through product development, go-to-market strategy and execution, sales systems, and investment outreach processes and utilize our network along the way to help them establish viable brand connections.

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