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Innovation in the Midst of a Pandemic

Innovation in the Midst of a Pandemic

Today, I’m switching from the normal content you see from our team to the elephant in the room–COVID 19, and how we’re all personally and professionally adjusting to it. We’re all constantly reminded of the negative ways COVID is affecting our species, but I’ve also been absolutely amazed and inspired to see the level of innovation and creativity happening all over the world to help in the fight to keep people safe and keep the world running.

An example of this innovation I’ve been following since February is from a good friend of mine, Tarun Nimmagadda, who created a bio-security platform called ReturnSafe based right here in Austin. ReturnSafe leverages the computers we all carry around in our pockets to help automate the process of screening, testing, and tracing for businesses and universities to help facilitate safe returns and ongoing operations. It’s an incredibly thoughtful and elegant solution, the team has tackled everything from privacy to UI, to workflows, to testing and training with impressive attention to detail, and with the user experience always front of mind.

In this video, Tarun walks us through how he identified the problem ReturnSafe solved and rapidly created a solution that leverages the technology that’s available today while leaving itself open to be continually improved over the coming months and years. I’m proud to know him and witness what his team is doing, and I think you will really enjoy this video!

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