The Guinn Partners 2019 Drone Industry Report

This 100+ page analysis of the state of the drone industry 2019 follows up on our successful 2018 edition, and is designed for those using drones, developing technology for drones, and those trying to understand what commercial customers really want from drones. We give you an inside look at the companies and trends driving commercial drone adoption from new technology to enterprise scale.
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2019 Focus – Enterprise ROI

Our team focused this year on the real results being seen in the field by companies across multiple industries. We interviewed enterprise organizations using drones in the field about results and the adoption challenges.  Read the full interviews with key program leaders at Valero, AES, Shell, Deutsche Telecom, Syngenta, Veritas, Brasfield & Gorrie and more.

Industry Interviews

Our interviews emphasise customer ROI accounts being realized in the field now and visions for the future from industry leaders at Drone Deploy, PrecisionHawk, Skyward, Precision Autonomy, Percepto, Slantrange, and more.

Trends Shaping the Future

Our team explores scaling programs, the impact of autonomous drone stations, and the necessity of logistics platforms in new overview breakdowns.


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