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Guinn Partners

Guinn Partners was founded in 2017 by serial product entrepreneur Colin Guinn with partners Oren Schauble and Craig Nehrkorn. Our mission was to help entrepreneurs bring their technology innovations to market.
What started as a small go-to-market holistic agency has grown to an Austin based contract engineering and product development powerhouse, with over 40 engineers on staff across mechanical, electrical, embedded systems, software, and industrial design.

Our Beginnings

In one of our first projects, we helped a then pre-market Lift Foils finalize their electric hydrofoil surfboard product and launch to the world, setting our new endeavor off to an exciting start.

UAV & Aerospace Roots

With the Partners lengthy expertise in the drone industry through experience at DJI, 3DR, Hangar and more, we started off with a dedicated division for assisting companies utilizing drones. One of our marquee UAV projects was working with global industrial conglomerate Doosan to help finalize and launch their hydrogen fuel cell powered commercial drone project in 2019.

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Projects soon came in from across industry, with an increasing focus on mobility and autonomy.

Since 2017 Guinn Partners has completed extensive projects with watercraft, wearables, ground robotics, full aircraft, and now even transferred to the stratosphere, and finally to space.

We’ve become an ideal R&D and supplemental development arm for startups and major technology companies alike, and helped new startups start engineering their prototypes from scratch.

Internal Development

Gel Blaster

Inside this process we’ve also launched our own projects. Starting as an internal product development, we prototyped, launched and scaled modern toy company Gel Blaster from idea to reality, when it spun off to its own dedicated company (which reached $75m in sales in 2022).

We know the importance of being connected to the market, and to modern product trends, and this expertise helps us be a true commercial partner to our clients.

Internal Tools


Next up? We’ve developed a proprietary fleet management and remote diagnostics software platform for smart-battery equipped devices called Moontower that both serves our clients, and is available as standalone software.

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Present Day

Today we feel we've built the perfect format for a modern contract engineering agency. We have deep talent, nimble operations, a host of internal tools that expedite development, and a savvy "hacker mentality" to solving the most challenging problems in prototyping, design-for-manufacturing, and any aspect of technological product development.


If you're ready to build... let's begin.