Woudn't It Be Helpful to Have a Thorough, Organized Tool To Help Navigate the Drone Industry?

The most comprehensive & organized collection of commercial drone industry information & data on the web, period.

Whether you’re a company looking to onboard and educate employees, a project or company leader running a drone initiative, or an industry service provider who knows knowledge is a differentiator, we’ve created a thorough interactive service that is designed to help put you on top of the drone industry.


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Technical & Use Case Deep Dives

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Technical Video & Analysis By:

Colin Guinn

Colin Guinn is a product development expert, drone industry innovator and serial entrepreneur. He most recently founded Austin startup Hangar, after serving as Chief Revenue Officer at 3D Robotics and co-founding and serving as CEO of DJI North America. He is one of the most interviewed experts on robotics technology in the world, and has been featured at premier industry conferences and in countless top-rated publications and newscasts, including 60 Minutes, Techcrunch, and Fast Company. Colin’s uniqueness to the business world is that he understands the technology in two dialects: the granular argot necessary to communicate with an engineer, and the simple, digestible language that’s interesting to the average consumer.

Example Deep Dive Video

See Inside The Industry

We provide tools to understand the key players, the decisions they make, and who is positioning for success.

The GP Strategic Portal Contains


Expert Video

Over 10 hours of expert video covering everything from macro-level industry segment overviews to go-to-market strategy reviews to deep-dive technology explanations of technical components in UAV systems such as autopilots, gimbals, VTOLs and long-range video links

RFP Database

A collection of sample private company and public institution RFPs for UAV services or UAV purchases for understanding or helping craft requirements

Service Provider Database

Database of preferred drone service providers and service provider networks with contact information

Video Analysis

Regular videos from Colin Guinn and team discussing timely industry developments

Use Case Reviews

Review of use-cases by segment, with video or written documentation, key players and real-world example compilations including construction, power, agriculture and more.

Media Database

Comprehensive database of drone-related media and outlets with contact information

Report Curation

Database of analyst and industry report PDFs covering surveying, insurance, regulation, mapping, investment, inspection, construction, agriculture, industry analysis and more

Industry Interviews

Exclusive video, audio and written interviews with over a dozen industry leaders and drone field users discussing use cases and technology developments they are looking for in the future

Investor Aggregator

Complete database of top 90+ major investors in drone technology

Constant New Content

It doesn't stop with the content above. In addition to our interactive services (lsited below), we are constantly adding new written, video and database content, and prioritize additions based on user input.

Interactive Features

Members get exclusive access to webinars, briefing calls, and monthly reports.

Members-Only Webinars
(All Access Levels)

Regular online webinars for members only, with question submission available ahead of time, and the library of recordings available for members-only.

Monthly Briefings
(All Access Levels)

Monthly briefings include curated news you need to know, with direct analysis from Guinn Partners senior staff, right in your email inbox.

Analyst Guidance
(Insights Level Only)

Insights-level memberships receive guided monthly calls with an analyst to work through goals and specific topics related to getting actionable results for your business.

Who it's for

The Ultimate Onboarding & Awareness Tool

The learning curve for drone industry entry is high, and there are zero real tools to help. Whether you’re a technology company or a service provider, onboarding new employees as senior executives or entry-level team members is a signficant hurdle in such a nascent industry.

We’ve watched executive after executive enter the drone industry, many with great accolades from their past projects. A startling majority fail at integrating and inevitably either lose their job, drive their company to the ground or leave.
GP Strategic was built as a tool to solve this challenge.  With a wealth of organized content in both video and written formats, organized email onboarding sequences, frequently updated analysis for multiple verticals, and affordable additional seats for new team members.   Not only can it bring new team members up to speed, it can give executives situational awareness of industry happenings with expert analysis and minimal time commitments.
Who it's for

New & Expanding Programs

If you’re an established company with an expanding drone program, a new drone program, or an eye on drone initiatives and acquisitions, we distill a complex industry down to the key components, and provide specific tools to meet your specific needs.  GP Strategic contains comprehensive info on drone media, tradeshows and service providers, as well as analysis of key hardware and software providers, RFP examples, program-building tips and even proper insurance contacts.

We know that entering this industry, whether as an established company in industries like infrastructure and agriculture building a data collection program, or as a technology company developing hardware or software components to enter the drone industry, your needs are exceptionally specific.  With our aggregated data, thorough video overviews, and regular interactive webinars for members only, we’re confident we provide the best tools available to help your programs succeed.

Who it's for

Analysts and Investors

We know how hard it is to get reliable feedback about opportunities or potential investments in the drone space.  We’ve read the reports, done the consulting calls, and even been on the receiving side of analysis and investment, and seen the holes in the process firsthand.

Our commitment is to give real information on what companies and technology are actually important in the space, and the real impacts and challenges felt by implementation by industry in the field.

Not only is this available via our portal and database, but our Insights level membership gives you a senior analyst on our team with a series of guided sessions to get you the data we need.  In addition, our comprehensive network of subject matter experts at industry companies and in the field using drones are at your fingertips to make real stategic evaluations of drone industry opportunity.

Our goal? Our analyst and investor users will have complete peace of mind they are the best informed of drone industry opportunities, with an ease of use and comprehensive execution that simply can’t be had anywhere else.

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Every member receives an optional series of weekly emails reviewing all content sections, linking to popular content, and walking through how to make the most of your membership.

Strategic Membership

Strategic memberships are annual engagements that include complete access to our portal and databases for a single user, with a fractional cost for additional users so you can easily expand to an include a larger team

With your Strategic subscription you’ll also receive
– Monthly private industry newsletter
– Access to our regular private webinars w/ Colin Guinn and team (with question submission)
– Ask an analyst form to request additional data into release queue
– Optional onboarding call with a Guinn Partners analyst

Insights Membership

Insights memberships are available month-to-month or annually, and offer complete access to our member portal and databases for up to three users, as well as guided calls to ensure you see the value out of your membership and achieve your goals in the market.

With our Insights membership you receive all Strategic benefits plus
– Monthly calls with one of our executive coach staff to walk through comprehensive exercises around UAV industry understanding and plans
– Access to our database of subject matter experts in construction, public safety, inspection, survey, agriculture, government, sales and marketing for scheduled consultations.
– Quarterly executive briefing from our partners.


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This includes up to two “secondary” seats that have portal access but no analyst or SME access.

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Insights Yearly

Our insights membership plus a 12 month guided program with a senior Guinn Partners team member, and significant pricing discount.


Additional Strategic seats are available at $1000/yr, additional guided Insights seats at $24,000/yr.

Membership is currently only available through our application process.

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