Guinn Partners is an accelerator, agency and revenue arm for tech companies.

We Fuel Ideas

What's yours?
The Expertise to Enable Success

Lots of companies have great ideas but few see them all the way through to a successful product in a competitive marketplace.

A New Model

For Go-To-Market

We saw an opportunity to apply what we know about applied technology products, especially drones and sensors, and help clients take their ideas to market in the optimal way for them; leveraging our expertise, experience and execution assistance.

This approach ultimately saves our clients money, reduces the stress and uncertainty associated with building a team for launch and learning market nuances the hard way, and allows us to share in the upside that a successful product launch represents for all involved.

How The

Model Works

We provide value when you need it, from a proven team more experienced than you’d be able to simply recruit, for a budget-conscious approach to helping bring companies into their next phase.

We help develop validated go-to-market plans over 90 days and then pick select partners for longer term engagements where we’re incentivized to win together.

This value can be driven through market evaluation engagements, an agency services model for content or software development, outsourced revenue strategy and execution, or through our comprehensive information portal products, bringing the tools to succeed in key technology markets to your team on-demand.

Who We Work With


Engineering and product focused teams who can leverage experts to help go-to-market


Companies looking to leverage industry expertise in our core areas (Drones, Outdoors, Robotics, Lifestyle)

Market Expansion

Established businesses looking for new verticals in markets or products that are new or unknown to your existing teams

We Are Technologists First

Everyone on our core team comes from high-tech company backgrounds. We’re also technologists ourselves; we’ve invented products, won and lost market battles, and understand many types of complex technologies and how to bring it to market.

This perspective strongly impacts our decisions. and our technical skillsets allow us to easily assimilate into complex projects.

Having hired external agencies, we know what a high-tech brand focused on their product and a disruptive launch would want from outside assistance, and pride ourselves on being the ideal partner for technology companies looking to achieve significant marketing results.

Next Steps

Dive in Deeper

Explore our website sections to learn more about how we bring products to market, our specific services in the drone market segment, and our new GP Strategic information product.


We help tech companies bridge the gap to launch new products and enter new markets, from product development to manufacturing to raising venture capital to sales and marketing.
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Drone Specific

We have more experience in drones than any other firm in the world, and have built programs to help you realize that value.
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GP Strategic Portal

A subscription information portal and guidance service for all things commercial drones, from tech deep-dive videos to go-to-market database resources.

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