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Guinn Partners is the greatest concentration of breadth and depth of expertise in the nascent drone, robotics, and applied technology markets that is available to startups or established companies looking for a strategy and execution partner.
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Where We Focus

Finding Markets

Who will be the users for your new tech? What is the competition like? What are potential customer budgets and how do they buy?  We speak directly to proven subject matter experts in the field to get you direct information on going to market you can’t get anywhere else.

Product Development

We’ve worked on dozens of projects – large and small – working in manufacturing, supply chain, mass-production, custom modification, app development, and more, and can lend a hand with partners to develop product and validate technological assumptions around everything from gimbals, airframes, batteries and motors to cloud data transforms.

Selling In

We are experts at identifying and creating lead lists and outbound engagement strategies for your target customers, and connecting the dots with our large networks of drone-specific retail and distribution partners, covering niches like construction, inspection, public safety and more.


We specialize in validating and connecting our clients with the right partners in the space to make their technology part of a complete solution for end users.


Finally, we help brands through scale after bringing products to new markets, whether that be verticals or geographies, with focused, goal-oriented engagements over medium-term time frames.

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