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Generation Well

A newsletter for modern wellness enthusiasts and industry members

On this site and in our newsletter we feature the brands and products to watch in the modern wellness space and offer insights on the strategy and tactics that lead to business success in this new landscape.
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What is a modern wellness company?

Modern wellness is a new category of companies that leverage new age ideas or technologies to positively impact people’s day to day lives. This runs the gambit from consumer packaged goods companies like beverages and health foods to supplements to eco-friendly apparel to software and hardware technology to enable quantified living, stress relief, and mindfulness. Modern wellness companies are mission and vision driven businesses who often incorporate social benefit or conscious practices in their models.
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Surfacing the brands to know

Modern wellness businesses present an array of potential benefit to a new class of consumer that spans multiple generations—those who consume to help them feel better every day, rather than consume to help them forget about feeling badly, those who review the ingredients and values of the companies they support, versus just choosing what they’re advertised.

We are excited to showcase brands and products to the rapidly growing global population integrating this positive mindset into their lives.


Providing valuable business strategy and go-to-market insight

With this new consumer class and modern wellness category comes a brand new set of business challenges.  High competition, direct to consumer sales technology, changing distribution models, access to unprecedented data, new independent retail channels, fluctuating marketing methods and shifting consumer behaviors— all of this means that modern wellness business needs new tactics and strategies created just for this unique market and time.

We work hard to follow and analyze these trends, identifying business practices we feel will help this new generation of mission and vision driven entrepreneurs.

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