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To State, Local & Federal Opportunities

Only 5% of US businesses sell to the US government and it is the world’s largest buyer. We have experience selling to the US government, US state and local governments, foreign governments, and specifically capturing US Department of Defense business.

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What We Can

Do For You

  • Give you a comprehensive training course in 5 parts – how the US government buys, how to sell to them, what to do when you win a contract, special categories and procurement vehicles, and how US state and local governments buy.
  • Conduct tailored market research on segments particular to your products and capabilities so you understand what has been bought, who you are competing with, and what kinds of investments are being made.
  • Develop leads for you based on current and emerging requirements in this market along with details on how to approach those leads.
  • Discuss future desired capabilities that are relevant in your space so you can consider in your R&D plans.

Additionally, we work with government customers to find the perfect solutions to meet their needs and budgets.

Don’t miss out on engaging with the world’s largest customer – we help you break down barriers to entry through education and give you a personal guide to help you navigate government programs and mitigate consumer market fluctuations with contract work.

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