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Guinn Partners brings complicated technical projects to life, fast.

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Businesses from new startups to aerospace giants trust Guinn Partners when they need a reliable product development partner with experience across disciplines.
Our Process:
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A full service hardware, software and design agency for product development.

Our technical talent team of 30+ works across disciplines and product stages to make ideas come to life.

We specialize in projects related to robotics, autonomy, aerial data and electric propulsion, but truly believe we can help create just about anything.

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Our Product Development Service Stages

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Idea to prototype

Sometimes it starts with just a sketch or an idea. Our team can help 3D model, evaluate concepts, rapid prototype and build a route to make your concepts come to life.

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Prototype to production

If you have a prototype but need to get it into the world and functioning, we’re the ideal partner to secure supply chain, build software, engineer custom PCB, handle user testing, and ensure your product is ready to scale.

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Production to optimized

From custom software development, to BOM reduction and establishing a secure supply chain, we help hardware companies do what they do better.

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Guinn Partners helps tell nuanced, technical stories to customers with content.

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Once the project is alive, we have a technically savvy, best-in-class creative team to help tell your story through process documentation, instructional videos, launch videos and ongoing marketing content.
Our Approach:
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[vc_empty_space mobile_height=”20px” height=”42px”][thb_testimonial_parent thb_style=”style4″][thb_testimonial quote_title=”LIFT AIRCRAFT” quote=”Amazing job with the launch, Guinn Partners team! Amazing results so far. Has far exceeded our expectations – really could not have gone any better!” author_name=”Matt Chasen” author_title=”CEO”][thb_testimonial quote_title=”ONE WATER MARINE” quote=”Guinn Partners has played an absolutely vital role in our boat show success. The video work they turned around quickly and with extremely unique requirements, turned out beautifully.” author_name=”Evan Davis” author_title=”Head of Marketing”][thb_testimonial quote_title=”TEAL DRONES” quote=”Through hands-on workshops and content creation, Guinn Partner’s work on our brand story helped us better communicate our vision internally, to the market, and to investors in a clear and emotionally provocative way.” author_name=”George Matus” author_title=”Founder”][/thb_testimonial_parent]

Video Testimonial: Lift Foils

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*Let’s bring an idea into the world, together.*