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Too often, marketing today isn’t cohesive. Campaigns are a coordinated effort from strategy to creative to distribution and beyond/

In the fast-paced current culture of content consumption, videos or announcements simply get lost.  To solve this, brands can’t just create content and release it randomly, or run ads for a product separate from their other initiatives.   Success today depends on creating what we call a “moment”, where a combination of inherently shareable content, related content, advertising, social media, email engagement, public relations, influence and more comes together in synchronization to propel a brand and their product or idea forward into the market in a concerted effort.
When executed properly, the results of these campaigns are extraordinary. We’re proud to have over a dozen million view brand videos under our belts, and far more in the tens and hundreds of thousands. We are even more proud that we’ve helped brands generate massive amounts of leads, sales, resellers and attention — all tailored to their needs at that moment in time.