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We’re proud to present the Guinn Partners 2019 Modern Marketing Ebook

We’ve built our latest ebook for entrepreneurs and businesspeople of all types who want to understand and take advantage of modern marketing techniques.  It’s packed with actionable insights and specific recommendations on modern trends that can make a big difference to any business.

Inside you’ll find specifics on Content, Social, Web, Outbound, and Events.  We recommend technology platforms, break down examples and case studies with easy web resources, and provide lots of video links to detailed walkthroughs of key items.

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Tactical Marketing

Not just high level, we break down exact strategies and tools we use on projects with companies of all kinds.

We work with companies ranging from startups spending tens of thousands a month on marketing to industry titans spending millions a month, so we get a unique view on what techniques cut through, what scales, and what doesn’t. We’re always trying to push the limits and be on the forefront of what is coming next, and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned with the world. Instead of focusing on fundamentals, this book is all about capitalizing on the current trends that will prepare your brand for the future.

See What's Inside

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