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An Expert Marketing and Brand Partner

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A specialized agency for outdoor sporting goods

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*About Us*

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*What separates Guinn Partners*

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At Guinn Partners, we are all passionate about the outdoors space and many of us are former elite competitors in various disciplines. We have brought a number of outdoors products to market in our careers including watersport’s products, recreational hunting and shooting products, hardware/software combination products, apparel, and products related to traditional sports.


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Showcase: Wave Testing

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To help showcase our technical approach, our content creation capabilities, and our passion for sports, we conducted an independent test of wake boat waves for a client in Austin, TX.  This project showcases our methodology for testing, our video and motion graphics capabilities, and our clear emphasis on the user perspective.

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Our Outdoors Offerings

Outdoor products projects allow us to really spread our wings and add value across the spectrum of our capabilities.  Since our team has a solid knowledge of product development, product testing, and the end customers in these spaces, we bring significant expertise to:

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