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We are excited to announce the launch of our latest project in collaboration with Capital Factory, the Center for Autonomous Robotics in Austin, TX – the nation’s first, and only, land, sea, and air robotics coworking space, accelerator, and lab facility. 

The Center for Autonomous Robotics provides an innovative collaborative workspace for companies within the robotics sector consisting of co-working space, an onsite lab, and co-located testing areas for land, air, and sea robotics of all types. Combined with the deep industry experience and expertise of Guinn Partners and Capital Factory’s unique resources and expansive network, the Center for Autonomous Robotics in Austin, TX will be the center of excellence for unmanned systems in the United States.

About Center for Autonomous Robotics

The Capital Factory and Guinn Partners Center for Autonomous Robotics accelerates company and industry growth by fostering collaboration, innovation, and network expansion and provides an exclusive lab facility for product development and testing to give participants a previously unattainable advantage. CAR participants are pioneers in autonomy and are helping develop Austin, Texas into the nation’s epicenter of land, air, and sea robotics.

Empowered by Innovation

With Austin, TX as the U.S. hub for autonomy, the Center for Autonomous Robotics will play a vital role in the advancement of the robotics industry as a whole and give participating companies a unique and distinct advantage over competition.

The Center for Autonomous Robotics allows participants to leverage top-of-the-line product development and testing equipment along with one another’s networks and experience to create an exclusive, mutually beneficial and collaborative environment that stimulates growth. Each participating company and mentor brings a unique vision, expertise and network that adds to CAR’s overarching theme of autonomous excellence. 

We are super excited about the opportunity to enable robotics startups to accelerate their time to market in addition to fostering solutions through collaboration with fellow high-tech entrepreneurs! Watch the video to see a walkthrough of our vision for this one-of-a-kind space:


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