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Recap: The Guinn Partners Fall Investment Summits

In the fall of 2018, we held our first two Commercial Drone Investor Summits at our offices in Austin, TX.  At Guinn Partners, we believe it’s important to educate not just entrepreneurs on the challenges and pitfalls of bringing products to market in the complicated commercial drone environment, but also to ensure that the community of investors understands the history and potential of drones as it decides where to place its investments.

Watch the event summary below.



Summit Videos

Educating new, interested parties is always a great reminder about just how much we take for granted in terms of what industry and investors know about real world value creation with drones, market share of companies involved, and what industries and innovations are taking off.  This summit was a great reminder that all work in the drone industry should start with the value that real users can gain across industry.


We’ve yet to realize the value of autonomy (featuring one of Colin’s favorite analogies– the roomba)

Factors that contribute to our five year market outlook

The value and adoption of commercial drones across industry

Government purchasing–drones and munitions

Breakdown of drones in the survey industry